Welcome new students!! (and parents!!)

The Career Center warmly welcomes all of our incoming students and parents to Valpo - we’re excited to see you begin this next part of your life’s journey!  Our office is here to assist with a wide variety of issues you might encounter:

  • Choosing a major
  • Finding the right career path for you
  • Internships
  • Preparing for graduate school
  • Finding a full-time job after graduation
  • Resume & cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation

…and others.  Students who find an academic and career path that fits their personality, values, strengths, and interests, tend to have much more success academically, and so our office is dedicated to helping you answer for yourself the big, Existential question of “What do I want to be when I grow up?”.  

We’ve got a lot of info and resources to get you started at www.valpo.edu/career.  Our website provides information for students and parents alike.  Also, feel free to stop by our office during FOCUS; we’re located on the first floor of the Harre Union.  

We hope your experience during FOCUS is a welcoming and not-too-overwhelming one, and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall!  

This is an article from Alison Doyle’s Job Searching blog on About.com recommending things new graduates should avoid when hunting for a job.

Just something found on tumblr that may be useful to VU students & alums…or anyone for that matter :)

NACE -The National Association for Colleges & Employers- provides great resources for all college students. If you’re secure in your major, you can look up what the average starting salary was this past year for students like you. If you aren’t sure about what the future holds, you are also encouraged to browse around. This survey is not the only NACE claim to fame, but they provide so many more links to help students like you reach your full potential and thrive off of your current interests. Who knows, you could one day be a millionaire!

Graduate schools seek Valpo students for their various programs, which is one reason we had a record number of schools (51, I believe) at our annual Graduate & Professional School Fair on Friday, Sept. 16. Historically, Valpo students have done well in their programs and the schools want to attract more.

However, admission to graduate school is competitive - therefore, students should understand the process and know how to present themselves in a positive light. Important pieces of an application include an undergraduate transcript (i.e. course work and grades!), letters of recommendation, a personal essay, test scores (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.) and, perhaps, an essay. It takes awhile to compile and write these documents - plan ahead and don’t rush - they need to be well written and error free in terms of grammar, punctuation and spelling. They also need to be interesting, compelling and persuasive. Have the Career Center and Writing Center read your drafts and make suggestions.

Representatives from the graduate schools like to meet students in person - anyone can gather info on-line from a web site. It behooves students to attend the Fair to meet these reps, where they may introduce themselves and learn more about the programs and schools.

If students are not sure of their career direction or are unsure about whether or not graduate school is right for them, I suggest they work for a few years and reassess their situation to see if grad school is appropriate. In fact, many schools prefer older, more mature and directed students. For many graduate schools the average age of entering students is 26-28 years old.
Tom Cath, Valparaiso University Career Center Director

5 Resume Mistakes You Are Making And How To Avoid Them 
"Careers in Government & Public Service" panel and networking reception - Tonight!

Tonight, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Harre Union, the Career Center will be hosting the “Careers in Government & Public Service” panel and networking reception. This event brings five Valpo alumni and other professionals to discuss their backgrounds and  current jobs, how they got to where they are, tips for breaking into the field, what they like and dislike about their jobs, skills and qualifications needed, and other relevant information. They will also stick around to answer your questions.

If you’re looking for more information about your possible career path and want a chance to network with people in your field, join us tonight!

Graduate and Professional School Fair - Tomorrow!

On Friday, September 16, we will be hosting our annual Graduate and Professional School Fair. Attending will be 50 schools including the Notre Dame School of Law, Ball State University, Purdue University, and DePaul University (graduate and law).

This event is a great opportunity to meet the representatives of the schools you want to attend after VU. They’re here to meet you, so don’t hesitate to learn about as many programs as you can.

If you are a senior and are considering your options, or if you’re just curious about the various programs, come to the fair. It will be held in the Harre Union Ballroom from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Bring a stack of resumes and dress to impress!

For a list of schools participating and other information, visit our website